A protester carries the Confederate Flag inside Capitoll Hill building.

Capitol Hill Putsch

Arnold made a great speech. It was direct and clear, grandiloquent when he wielded the sword, emotive when he talked about his family post-war experiences, and inspirational. And if you let me say it, very american-style.

Though I concur with his intentions and most of his assessment on Capitol Hill events, I think he is wrong. What we’ve seen this week was not like Kristallnacht; it was like the Munich Putsch.

The putsch was badly organized by a small group of far right radicals armed with firearms attempting a coup d’etat against the local Government, hoping to spread the flame through all Germany. The police stopped them, killed a few of them, and arrest some of them. One of the victims of that day was an acolyte of Adolf who was standing close to him on the street as he was shot dead. If only…

Adolf was condemned in Court to a mild prison sentence and enjoyed a comfortable stay within. He managed to have Mein Kampf written while within walls, assisted by Rudolf Hess and others. And then he was released.

He led his party again and gained momentum. Then there was a lot of violence who cost the lives of many Germans. Kristallnacht was just a notorious moment in all this process, although the most remembered, for good reason, because of its vile racism.

You know the rest. It’s History.

May History not be repeated this time.

Take care and good luck,

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